Witamy na stronie firmy Orzeszek – zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszą ofertą.

Witamy na stronie firmy Orzeszek – zapraszamy
do zapoznania się z naszą ofertą.

Witamy na stronie firmy Orzeszek – zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszą ofertą  

Witamy na stronie firmy Orzeszek – zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszą ofertą.

Our story

The Orzeszek company was established in the 90s as a small family business, which initially dealt mainly with the trade of agricultural produce from Polish crops, located in the fertile, clean areas of Roztocze region.

Along with the company development, it began to gradually expand its assortment with new product groups, not only from Poland, but also from other regions of the world. They were packed in small, transparent packages. Currently, Orzeszek company is one of the leading regional producers of healthy food.

In 2006, the Orzeszek company was bought by our family and located in Dobroń near Pabianice. We decided to continue the mainstream of its activity, aimed at healthy products, possibly of natural origin, expanding the range of the assortment from year to year,in response tothe consumers’ growing interest in healthy food and natural ingredientsbased on the growingawareness that healthy eating is the key to general health.

To meet those new needs, we focused our strategy on an assortment important for healthy eating, introducing also functional products (superfoods) to our offer.

 In our production, we try to preserve the natural properties of products, using high technologies only when it is absolutely necessary to maintain their freshness and durability, sometimes even at the expense of their shorter shelf life.

We try to ensure that our products, if possible, come from the Polish crops. For many years of cooperation, we have selected Polish farms with which we cooperate directly through the purchase of goods. We also cooperate with onlytrusted producers and distributors of products from around the world. Production is carried out using automated lines as well as manual methods.

Our team

Each member of our management board and team is equally responsible for our brands and the implementation of our mission, going beyond business goals. We have the same approach to life, to our business, to our brands, to our partners and associates, we cherish the same values ​​that we transfer into the values ​​of our brands.We truly believe that these values ​​are also important to our consumers and business partners. We value creativity, which allows us to implement new products at individual orders, both under the umbrella of our brands as well as the client’s brand. Values that we honor are​​: RESPONSIBILITY, TRANSPARENCY, UNDERSTANDING, TRUST, QUALITY.


As a Polish family company, we aim to be a recognizable, valued producer and distributor of healthy food, whose products are available to a wider and wider group of consumers, both in traditional and modern sales channels, including the online channel.


Our mission is to provide the largest possible group of consumers with high-quality, healthy, natural, and as little technologically processed food as possible and to support consumers in more conscious, healthy eating every day.

Our Values

We approach with heart and responsibility our business, brands, mission and vision as well as building stable relationships with our business partners and consumers.

We have the IFS Certificate,

i.e. the International Food Standard, which enables
the assessment of food safety and quality systems at suppliers in a unified way and covers all stages of food production after the primary production.

We strive to ensure that our consumers find in our brands everything that is important to them in a healthy diet and that they would like to taste with pleasure in their kitchen.

Most of the products can be purchased in our on-line store, the resources of which are constantly expanded.